Put the days of bounced checks behind you and start accepting and processing quicker and more efficiently than ever before. When a customer pays by check, you don't have to worry about if the funds will clear, as our equipment allows you to convert checks into secure digital documents that ensure payment.

Take advantage of our electronic check services for greater assurance of when you'll be paid, and be alerted faster if there are any issues. It means less paper and more convenience for staying on top of balancing your books.

There are many organizations out there promising the moon and stars when it comes to payment processing, point of sales systems, and check processing. But they can't all deliver on their promises. We take considerable pride in offering a wide degree of versatility in our products and services, and we stand behind them with 24/7 support.

Check & E-Check Processing

ACH and eCheck payments aren't instant and can take a few days to appear in the final account, but they have a lot of benefits and can be a vital option for many businesses, especially those in industries like firearms, debt collection, nutraceuticals, and e-cigarettes.

Industries with ACH and eCheck Payments

  • The ACH and eCheck systems are especially useful for companies that handle high numbers of electronic payments regularly, such as those with subscription services, annual memberships, financial services, or travel services.
  • These types of businesses have to have a way of getting paid regularly, safely, and on time by clients. ACH can help with this.

What Is a ACH/eCheck Merchant Account?

  • A ACH/eCheck merchant account can allow your business to process and receive ACH payments from your clients and customers.
  • These accounts make it safe, simple, and seamless for your company to get paid via the ACH system, which can massively improve your rate of business growth and your potential profits.

Difficulties Obtaining ACH and eCheck Merchant Accounts

  • Many banks and financial institutions won't provide these kinds of accounts and services for businesses.
  • Banks try to avoid working with companies in general due to their risks.
  • For example, if you're in the travel industry, banks may worry about chargebacks if people cancel their travel plans due to changing circumstances.

Apply for the Best ACH Merchant Account with iCorp Global

  • A lot of banks and payment processors don't like working with businesses in industries and may not offer the ACH merchant accounts and services you require.
  • There are still plenty of banks that will say yes, and iCorp Global can help you find them.